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Alysa and her bestie, Kate, record the first episode of Best Forevers.

Written by Sophia Wittbrodt, PR Central Consultant || Published 4/14/22

Blog Post 1: Get to Know the Host

Alysa Lucas is a friend and someone who is always looking to make connections. Connections in TV shows, students, and those who might not always be included. To build these connections she finds humor to helpful; maybe even necessary.

Alysa has many passions in life. Two very prominent ones are watching television and making friends, which are highlighted often in Best Forevers. Advocating for animals and criminal justice reform are also on her list. With a defense attorney father, giving a voice to those who don’t have one whether animal or human is important for Alysa. She also enjoys teaching and being able to get her students excited about communication topics.

Being a professor during the pandemic is difficult, especially for a professor who teaches communication. Alysa was able to utilize her podcasting as a hobby during this time. Now that university is becoming more “normal” again being professor by day and podcaster by night can be tough to balance.

Summer 2016 was the “Summer of Alysa”. It was her first summer off from school, she got a gym membership and started listening to true crime podcasts. While listening to other podcasts Alysa decides she also wants to share information about the topics she is interested in with other people. Communication plays a large role in her life, so this is the first topic she picks. It turns into a friendship focus and because of that Best Forevers is born.

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