About Me

Meet Alysa!

I am, what you might call, a friendship enthusiast. In fact, I joke I came out of my mom’s womb looking for friends and, thus, my entire life has been dedicated to loving and improving friendships. I am a college professor who teaches, researches, and focuses my service on relationships. In 2017, I started Best Forevers: A Podcast for Kindred Spirits so that friendship could be brought to the forefront to both celebrate friendships and to work through the issues plaguing those relationships.

One of the activities friends participate in is talking about something they have in common. Think about the podcasts that exist hosted by two or three friends chatting about a topic, any topic, they enjoy. I’ve been a true crime junkie since I was a young kid and have connected with so many friends and others over the cases that have stuck with us. So, in October 2018, I released Fataliteas Podcast where I explore true crime cases over tea with the help of my friends.

When I’m not professing or podcasting, you can find me at a sporting event, binging TV with my best cats, Rooney and Ferguson, walking my pup, Finny JJ, writing and sending snail mail, or traveling.

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